QMNone (QuestionMarkNone)

Hi, my name is Hans Dahlin and I am the founder of QMNone.

 I have been working as an "IT guy" for about 30 years.

 I have mostly been working as an IT technician and as an educational instructor for Microsoft products during these years.

 The last 10 years I have been an instructor at Cornerstone, Sweden.

My special areas include PowerShell, Active Directory and parts of Windows server and Windows clients.

Another long assignment was as an IT technician at Nasdaq Stockholm (formerly known as OMX) where I worked for 11 years with the Windows server solutions.
If you have any questions you can allways drop me an e-mail at

hans.dahlin@qmnone.com or hassed@gmail.com

Have a great day and stay safe.

Hans Dahlin.

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